GM my fellow degens!

Bored & Thirsty was built for you. Our goal is to celebrate exceptional creativity in all its forms and connect more people to exceptional creative experiences. We invite you to hydrate, engage, and be a part of the next big movement that celebrates exceptional creativity.

Our story? Early in 2022, we realized there was a big opportunity for us to build a consumer brand that could also be a platform for creative people, projects, and branded web3 projects. Since everyone can or should drink more water, we decided to make the smoothest water on earth and use our packaging surface to promote the coolest art, music, games, fashion, and creative digital experiences.

Our goal is to inspire you to be more creative, more independent, and have more fun while getting through a difficult existence. If we can inspire you with anything we do or promote, we hope you will use that inspiration to encourage others to help creatively think our way into a kinder, more colorful world.

Your always thirsty and never bored friends,

Darin & Kurt

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