General Contest Rules

Except to the extent outlined for any particular contest, sweepstakes, promotion, or giveaway (collectively hereinafter, “Contest(s)”), these general contest rules (“General Contest Rules”) will govern and apply to all Contests conducted by Boredroom, LLC, creators of Bored & Thirsty (“Company”). Some Contests will have specific rules tailored for them (“Specific Contest Rules”). The General Contest Rules, along with the Specific Contest Rules or material terms and conditions as relevant for any particular Contest, may from now on collectively be referred to as the “Rules”. A copy of the Rules for all Contests is published on the Company’s website at (the “Contest Rules Page”). Should there be any inconsistency or discrepancy between these General Contest Rules and the Specific Contest Rules or material Contest terms and conditions for any particular Contest, the Specific Contest Rules or material terms and conditions for that specific Contest as displayed on the Contest Rules Page will take precedence. For inquiries and more details about any Contest(s) and/or prize(s), get in touch with the Company's Promotions Department by phone or by visiting the Company’s website at, clicking the “Contact Us” link in the website footer, and completing the online form as necessary.
Who Can Enter
Individuals who are at least 18 years old and are legal residents of the specified regions (or other mentioned counties or regions) as of the entry date may participate and have the chance to win in Contests (“Entrant(s)”). Only if these General Contest Rules, or the Specific Contest Rules or material terms and conditions for a distinct Contest, explicitly allow individuals who are fourteen (14) years old or older to participate, then, in the scenario where a prize is won by any Entrant below eighteen (18) years of age (meaning, specifically, if an Entrant is between the ages of fourteen (14) and seventeen (17)), such Entrant’s parent or legal guardian will be considered the winner for all intents and purposes described herein.
Eligibility Criteria
The following groups of individuals are NOT eligible to participate or secure victory in Contests, even if they fit the age and residence specifications outlined below:
-	Employees, whether full-time, part-time, or temporary, officers, directors, contractors, suppliers, and vendors of Boredroom, LLC, of any third-party prize suppliers, of any advertisers or collaborating sponsors, of any agencies or services engaged in advertising, promotion, or prize fulfillment, and of their parent entities, subsidiaries, or associated companies;
-	Immediate family of the above-mentioned employees, which includes but isn't limited to spouses (current or ex-), parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, siblings, in-laws, step-relations, etc.;
-	Any other individuals who share the same residential address with these employees, irrespective of their relationship status – this includes roommates, partners, etc.
Boredroom, LLC holds the right to decide, at its sole discretion, if it wishes to introduce limitations in the Rules for one or more Contest(s) regarding how frequently a person, or individuals from the same family or household, can participate in a specific Contest or several Contests over a given timeframe. This also applies to the frequency at which a participant might win more than one prize in a Contest, multiple instances of a particular prize, or several Contests within a stipulated period. If Boredroom, LLC decides on any such restrictions for a Contest, they will be applicable to that Contest, except where legal mandates suggest otherwise.
Entry & Winning Procedures
For any Contest managed under these General Contest Rules, and to the extent not covered in these General Contest Rules, Boredroom, LLC will stipulate the vital terms and conditions, including: (i) eligibility criteria; (ii) the timeframe for entering the Contest (“Entry Period”); (iii) the entry method(s); (iv) specifics on selection of Qualifier(s) or Winner(s) of the Contest, if necessary; and (v) a detailed description of the Prize(s), their approximate worth, and any terms or restrictions related to their redemption.
Entry Mechanism
Entry into a Contest will be as described in the Rules for the respective Contest and might include, but not be confined to, the following methods (“Entry Methods”):
Social Media Entry Methods: Participation may require following Boredroom, LLC on one or more of its social media platforms. Entrants may need to engage with a specific post by (1) liking or sharing the post; (2) tagging friends; and/or (3) uploading images of themselves in costumes or showcasing a product in hand as part of the Contest criteria.
CAUTION: Due to the potential variability in social media algorithms, some followers may not immediately or consistently see every post by Boredroom, LLC. Engaging regularly with Boredroom, LLC’s content or checking the account page directly can increase the visibility of such posts.
NOTE: Only engagements (likes, shares, comments, etc.) on the specific Contest posts on Boredroom, LLC’s official social media pages will be considered valid entries. Engagements on shared posts or other unofficial reposts will not be counted as valid entries.
If there's any dispute regarding the identity of the entrant, the authorized account holder of the social media profile used to enter will be deemed to be the entrant.
Boredroom, LLC reserves the right to verify the validity of entries and to disqualify any entrant who tampers with the entry process or doesn't comply with these terms and conditions.
For Contests requiring participants to upload images (either in costume or with a product): Entries will be judged based on creativity, originality, and in keeping with the spirit of the Contest. All decisions related to winners based on these criteria will be at the sole discretion of Boredroom, LLC.
For Contests where specific engagement metrics (e.g., number of likes, shares, or comments) or specific tasks (e.g., tagging a certain number of friends) are set as criteria: Participants must ensure their profile is public and that they fulfill all the specified criteria within the Contest timeframe. Any entries that do not comply with all criteria might be deemed ineligible.
Online Entry Mechanism
Digital Method(s) of Entry: Entry into a Contest may involve one or more of the following, depending on the specific rules of each Contest:
•	Visiting Boredroom, LLC's official website or a designated microsite and completing an online entry form.
•	Confirming an email address and/or date of birth.
•	Liking Boredroom, LLC’s Facebook page.
•	Following a Twitter handle affiliated with Boredroom, LLC.
•	Following an Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat or any other relevant social media account.
•	Subscribing to Boredroom, LLC’s channel on YouTube, Spotify, or other platforms.
•	Visiting a designated location or marking attendance at a specific event.
•	Watching a specific video posted by Boredroom, LLC.
•	Downloading a designated mobile application.
•	Engaging with posts from official accounts, such as through comments or shares.
•	Participating in a survey or answering trivia questions.
•	Creating content such as essays, photographs, audio clips, or videos (Specific submission requirements will be outlined in subsequent sections).
•	Referring friends or others to the contest through unique URLs or sharing mechanisms.
Boredroom, LLC, at its discretion, may allow Entrants to earn "extra" or "bonus" entries for specific actions or engagements. The potential for such Bonus Entries, and any limits on them, will be determined on a per-Contest basis.
If a Contest requires Entrants to opt into an email list, participants might receive promotional emails, which could include exclusive offers or opportunities to enter new Contests. Unsubscribing from these emails may render the participant ineligible for certain prizes.
For Contests that require Entrants to post on social media, posts must include designated hashtags and/or mention Boredroom, LLC's official account. Incomplete, incorrect, or posts with non-designated hashtags/accounts will be considered invalid entries.
Keywords or code words might be essential for some Contests. These will be directly provided by Boredroom, LLC through their official channels. They will not be made available on third-party websites or through phone calls.
Boredroom, LLC is not responsible for entries or code sharing through third parties or unofficial channels. Participants should ensure their entries are done through official means as specified by the Contest rules.

Digital Engagement Entry Mechanism:
Social Media Method(s) of Entry: Entry may be achieved by visiting Boredroom, LLC's social media platforms and engaging with specific content prompts, which could include but aren't limited to, sharing, commenting, liking, or tagging.
For certain contests, entrants might be prompted to engage in a specific manner (e.g., commenting with a particular hashtag). Such engagements might result in a confirmation message but won't include any unsolicited offers or additional content.
Only engagements on official Boredroom, LLC's channels are valid. Engagements on unofficial channels, unofficial hashtags, or responses to unverified content won't be valid entries. Boredroom, LLC isn't responsible for engagements made on unofficial channels.
If a contest doesn't receive the expected number of engagements (e.g., 99 shares when 100 were anticipated), Boredroom, LLC reserves the right to conduct the contest again later or choose not to award the prize.
Boredroom, LLC will provide clear instructions for each contest. Participants are urged to follow only the official channels for instructions and prompts.
Boredroom, LLC is not responsible if individuals get contest entry instructions or codes from third parties.
Physical Engagement Entry Mechanism:
On-Site Method(s) of Entry: Entry may involve attending specific events or locations as directed by Boredroom, LLC. At these events, participants might need to obtain and fill out an official entry form, which will require details such as name, address, phone number, email, and age.
Entries must be submitted at the designated drop-off points by the given deadline.
Only official, legibly handwritten forms will be eligible. Mechanically reproduced forms aren't accepted.
Official entry forms will be available only at the event/location and are subject to availability.
For Specific Digital Contests and Entry Methods:
Boredroom Mobile App Entries:
Entrants must have the free Boredroom mobile app installed on their smartphones. This app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store by searching for 'Boredroom'.
PLEASE NOTE: Charges from individual mobile carriers or network providers may apply.
Some contests on the Boredroom App may necessitate:
•	Notifications to be enabled.
•	A registered and active Boredroom App account.
•	'Boredroom LLC' set as a favorite within the app.
Participants recognize that successful participation, such as app downloads, account registrations, and contest entries, may be influenced by device types or connectivity issues.
Third-party Software-based Entries:
Certain contests may involve logging into, or creating a free account with, a third-party software platform partnered with Boredroom, LLC. Entry may require going to our website, clicking on the contest link, and submitting the registration form with all mandatory details.
Only one account per email is allowed with the third-party software provider.
While this software provider isn't a contest sponsor, entrants might need to accept its terms of service and/or privacy policies. These policies are separate from our contest rules.
If entrants choose to have their registration form pre-populated using details from their social media accounts, they grant Boredroom, LLC and the software provider permission to fetch relevant information from their profiles.
In case of a conflict between the third-party software's policies and Boredroom, LLC's rules, our rules will prevail.
Boredroom, LLC is not liable for technical glitches or errors associated with the third-party software that might affect participation or winning chances. If a significant malfunction occurs, we reserve the right to alter, suspend, or terminate the contest. Any such changes will be posted on our official contest rules page, potentially broadcasted elsewhere on our website, or shared on social media.
Employees of the third-party software provider, its affiliates, and immediate family members aren't eligible to participate in these specific contests.
Social Media Network Entries:
When entering through a third-party social media network such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn, or any other emerging platforms, participants should note that these platforms are not sponsors, endorsers, administrators of the contests, nor affiliated with Boredroom, LLC. Boredroom, LLC cannot predict or control errors, account cancellations, or technical issues on these platforms which may affect an individual's contest participation.
Boredroom, LLC reserves the right to disconnect any individual from its social media pages or followers for any or no reason, using the available technical means (for instance, 'blocking' a user on its Facebook page).
Employees and immediate family members of these Social Media Networks or their associated companies are ineligible to win in contests involving these platforms.
Content Submission Entries:
Contests may involve entrants submitting various forms of content such as essays, photographs, audio or video materials. Participants must be at least 18 years old and either own the content rights or have secured permission from the rights holder. This implies the content shouldn't be owned by someone else without their explicit permission for contest participation and for Boredroom, LLC to use as outlined in contest rules.
Submitted content must adhere to community guidelines. Specifically, it should not include:
-	Indecent, obscene, or explicit material.
-	Harmful, threatening, abusive, or defamatory content.
-	Content that is racially or ethnically offensive.
-	Materials encouraging unlawful behavior.
-	Any content that might infringe on third-party intellectual properties, like logos or brand names.
-	Personal, physical, or confidential details of a third party.
Boredroom, LLC retains the right, but not the obligation, to disqualify any content deemed inappropriate. If content is borderline, Boredroom, LLC may choose to edit, remove, or cover specific parts of the content. The company, however, is not mandated to handle all problematic content in the same manner. Each case may be treated based on its unique circumstances.
It's crucial for entrants to ensure their submissions do not breach any third-party rights or community standards. Violating these conditions may lead to disqualification or necessitate content alterations at the sole discretion of Boredroom, LLC.
Essay Submissions:
For Contests that involve essay submissions, participants must adhere to the word count specified by Boredroom, LLC. Essays exceeding the given word count will not be automatically disqualified. However, Boredroom, LLC will only consider up to the mentioned word limit.
Essays aren't required to be factual. Boredroom, LLC won't verify the accuracy of the information in the essay. Yet, misleading information or indications of not meeting the contest requirements can lead to disqualification at the company's discretion.
Boredroom, LLC reserves the right to edit any essay as deemed necessary, although there's no obligation to do so.
Photo Submissions:
Terms like “Photograph”, “Photo”, and “Image” are interchangeable and encompass any visual representation created using analog or digital devices, scanners, or software.
Only the participant should appear in the photo. No other person or any intellectual property (e.g., copyrighted materials, artwork, trademarks) should be present, no matter how distant or unclear. Exceptions might be made at the discretion of Boredroom, LLC for minor intrusions (like a hand or foot) deemed non-material to the photo.
Decisions by Boredroom, LLC regarding photo content are final. Photos featuring anyone other than the entrant or any third-party intellectual property may be disqualified.
Audio Submissions:
Only the participant's voice should be audible in the audio submission.
There shouldn't be any recognizable voices, sounds, or intellectual property (e.g., music, copyrighted sounds) of others.
Audio content featuring anyone other than the entrant or any third-party intellectual property will be ineligible and might be disqualified.
Video Submissions:
In video submissions, only the participant should be visible or heard.
No other person’s image, voice, or intellectual property (like songs, videos, artwork) should appear or be audible, regardless of how distant or unclear.
Videos that include anyone other than the entrant or third-party intellectual property are subject to disqualification unless otherwise stated in specific contest rules.
Voting in Contests:
For contests involving voting:
Voting primarily serves entertainment purposes. The final decision on winners might not solely depend on voting, though Boredroom, LLC can use it as one of several deciding factors.
Usual contest requirements, like age or residency, don't apply to voting eligibility.
Boredroom, LLC may occasionally display ongoing vote counts online or via text. These figures are not real-time, for entertainment only, and entrants or voters should not solely rely on them.
In text voting scenarios, Boredroom, LLC can decide to end the voting earlier than announced by notifying on the website at least 24 hours in advance.
Automated methods, including robots or programmed internet, text, or call-based submissions, are NOT banned.
Still, Boredroom, LLC has the right to deploy measures that might prevent or restrict automated entry or voting—like CAPTCHA, entry limits within specific timeframes, or blocking specific IP addresses.
Boredroom, LLC may use cookies or other technologies to monitor site traffic, voting, or detect automated entries.
Presence at Boredroom, LLC Events:
For contests requiring physical presence at an event:
Participants must heed all directives from Boredroom, LLC staff. Non-compliance may result in immediate disqualification.
If the event mandates check-in or registration, participants must adhere to the specified timings. They may be asked to complete liability release forms, provide government ID, or other specific documents. Failure to meet these requirements may lead to disqualification.
If an event is postponed, Boredroom, LLC will announce the rescheduling details on-air, on its website, or social media platforms.
Participants must stay informed by monitoring these channels. While Boredroom, LLC might notify participants directly about rescheduling, it's not guaranteed. There’s no responsibility on Boredroom, LLC if a participant doesn’t receive or misses the information.
No responsibility lies on Boredroom, LLC for any external posts about rescheduling or if a participant cannot attend the rescheduled event. No alternative opportunities will be provided in such cases.
Instant Win Contests:
For contests labeled as "Instant Win" by Boredroom, LLC, prizes will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis from the pool of participants. The method of participation can range from being one of the first to comment on a specific social media post, being present at a particular event location, engaging with a digital interactive element, or any other skill-based game that exists or might be created in the future.
Special Access Contests:
Some contests may be exclusive to individuals who:
-	Follow Boredroom, LLC on specific social media platforms.
-	Have subscribed to Boredroom, LLC's newsletter.
-	Have engaged with Boredroom, LLC's mobile app or website.
Information about such contests will not be broadly advertised. Only those who qualify will be privy to the contest details. They may receive exclusive notifications, emails, or direct messages with secret instructions. This can range from accessing a hidden online form, showing up at a secret event, or watching out for a specific cue on Boredroom, LLC's social media.
For contests under this category that require monitoring Boredroom, LLC's social media, notifications or emails will specify what action to take when a specific post or announcement is made. This might include commenting on a post, sharing a particular content, tagging friends, or responding within a certain timeframe.
If such contests involve a grand prize drawing, the notification or email will detail how qualifiers are chosen and relevant information about the grand prize drawing.
Exclusive Contest Information:
Occasionally, Boredroom, LLC might choose to provide exclusive information about a contest via its mobile app, website, email, or social media. This information can include clues about when a specific post will be made, lists of potential answers for a quiz, or reminders.
Accessing this information won't require a purchase, but might necessitate following Boredroom, LLC on social media, being on Boredroom, LLC's email list, or engaging with the brand's app or website.
Boredroom, LLC isn't obligated to disclose when or how they're providing this exclusive info unless legally mandated. Even though this additional info might enhance a participant's chances of knowing when to engage or what the correct responses are, acquiring (or not acquiring) this info won't provide any advantage in the method of entry.
Featured Entries:
Boredroom, LLC may choose to highlight or "feature" certain contest entries on its website or social media platforms. Being featured does not imply that the participant has or will win the contest. This decision to showcase entries is purely for entertainment purposes and does not influence the selection of winners. Boredroom, LLC cannot guarantee the technical visibility of all entries, even if formatted correctly. Should an entry not be viewable due to technical reasons, it may be disqualified without prior notice, and Boredroom, LLC is not liable to the participant regarding this disqualified entry.
Feedback and Public Perception:
By participating in a contest, entrants acknowledge that Boredroom, LLC's team might comment on, critique, or even humorously engage with any entry. Entrants might also face reactions, both positive and negative, from the public. Participants relinquish any rights to lodge complaints against Boredroom, LLC or any associated sponsors regarding any comments made about an entrant, their entry, or related content. Furthermore, all entries become the property of Boredroom, LLC and won't be returned or acknowledged.
Based on the contest type and entry method, Boredroom, LLC may contact potential qualifiers or winners via phone, email, text, direct social media message, or in person. A participant is deemed notified once Boredroom, LLC attempts any of these methods. Boredroom, LLC is only obligated to make a single attempt per communication method. While Boredroom, LLC can choose to contact a participant multiple times, it is not bound to do so uniformly. Boredroom, LLC isn't accountable for any changes in the participant's contact details. If qualifiers or winners cannot be reached or fail to claim their prize within the specified time, the prize might be given to an alternate winner.
Identity Disputes:
If multiple participants claim ownership of a single email, website, app, or social media account, the identified "Authorized Account Holder" at the time of entry will be deemed the valid entrant. The "Authorized Account Holder" is defined as:
For mobile or email: The individual to whom the phone number or email address is registered with the respective service provider.
For website, app, or social media: The person who can demonstrate control over the account, evidenced by the capability to access and manage the account.
Compliance and Disqualification:
Participants must strictly adhere to the contest rules and any other applicable terms and conditions. Non-compliance, such as submitting incomplete or dishonest entries, may result in disqualification. Boredroom, LLC's records of an individual's submission do not automatically validate its receipt. When required, Boredroom, LLC's computer systems will serve as the official timekeeper. Incomplete entries or those that exceed the stipulated limit will be invalidated. Participants suspected of misconduct, fraudulent activities, unsportsmanlike collaborations, causing public disturbances, engaging in illegal actions, damaging property, or misusing resources will not only be disqualified but might also be barred from future contests. Boredroom, LLC retains the right to make this decision based on individual cases.
Boredroom, LLC's Decisions:
Boredroom, LLC holds the final authority regarding the contest, encompassing participant eligibility, entry validation, and rule interpretation. All decisions made by Boredroom, LLC are conclusive and cannot be challenged. By entering the contest, participants agree to respect and abide by these stipulations and any other guidelines set by Boredroom, LLC.

Prize Distribution and Collection:
The nature and value of Prizes will differ for each contest. Only the specified maximum number of Prizes mentioned in the Contest Rules will be given. Prize terms, conditions, restrictions, and availability are subject to alterations. Prizes will be granted only if correctly claimed in alignment with these General Contest Rules. Boredroom, LLC may opt to send the Prize(s) via mail, employ a third-party for delivery, ask Winners to collect them at a designated Boredroom, LLC location during regular hours, or pick them up at a designated third-party location. In any scenario, Boredroom, LLC will not be held accountable for delayed or failed Prize deliveries.
Winner Responsibilities:
Winners are solely accountable for any associated costs or expenses linked to the Prize, its acceptance, and/or its usage not clearly outlined in the Contest Rules or specific Prize terms. This includes any local, county, state, or federal taxes based on the Prize's estimated retail value. An IRS Form-1099 may be issued for Prizes that, in aggregate, are $600 or more in any calendar year.
Prize Guarantees:
Boredroom, LLC is not the primary provider or guarantor of Prizes, unless explicitly stated. Third parties may facilitate Prize delivery. All Prizes are given "AS IS." Boredroom, LLC neither provides nor is liable for any assurances, promises, or guarantees about any Prize, and any implied warranties are disclaimed.
Prize Claiming Procedure:
Irrespective of any prior communications, potential Winners must meet all contest eligibility requirements and adhere to the Contest Rules to receive any Prize. To claim a Prize, Winners might have to:
-	Show a valid photo ID issued by a state or federal U.S. authority;
-	Fill and submit an IRS Form W-9 with a valid taxpayer identification number or social security number;
-	Furnish or sign any other necessary documents, including liability release agreements. Refusal to provide these documents or any other required information by the stipulated deadline will result in Prize forfeiture. Boredroom, LLC retains the right to validate IDs and can accept or deny a Prize based on the verification.
Except by Boredroom, LLC, which reserves the right to substitute a Prize, in whole or in part, with another Prize or Prize portion of greater or equal value.  Except where required by law, Prize(s) may not be redeemed for cash, substituted, transferred, or assigned, except as may be determined by Boredroom, LLC in its sole and absolute discretion on a case-by-case basis.  Winners are prohibited from selling any Prize awarded or transferring any Prize without the Boredroom, LLC’s authorization, which authorization must be in writing by a Boredroom, LLC representative and will be granted or withheld in Boredroom, LLC’s sole and absolute discretion on a case-by-case basis.  In the event Boredroom, LLC discovers or suspects (correctly or incorrectly) that a Winner is attempting to sell his/her Prize from Boredroom, LLC (e.g., on eBay, Craigslist, StubHub, or otherwise), Boredroom, LLC reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, on a case by case basis, to take any one or more actions, including without limitation: (a) immediately disqualify the Winner and deem any Prize they were otherwise entitled to as forfeited; (b) refuse to award the Prize to such Winner, even if he/she represents that they will not resell or transfer the Prize; and/or (c) prohibit the violating Winner from participating and/or winning any future Contests, whether for a fixed period of time or in perpetuity, in Boredroom, LLC’s sole and absolute discretion, and if such Winner ever wins a future Contest during the period that he/she is banned, he/she will be disqualified from the Contest and forfeit any Prize once it has come to Boredroom, LLC’s attention.  Further, Boredroom, LLC reserves the right to track, deactivate, render void, and/or cancel and invalidate any Prize awarded that Boredroom, LLC suspects was sold or transferred without authorization.
 In the event that any Entrant(s), Qualifier(s), and/or Winner(s), as applicable, is disqualified from a Contest for any reason permitted by the applicable Contest Rules at any point in time (before or after a Winner is determined), Boredroom, LLC and/or sponsor(s) may, but will NOT be obligated to, notify any such individual(s) of such disqualification or forfeiture.  Boredroom, LLC may, but will NOT be obligated to select an alternative Qualifier, and/or Winner, as applicable.  Prizes not claimed within thirty (30) business days of being advised by Boredroom, LLC that the Prize is available for pick-up, or such shorter period of time if so stated in the Rules for a Contest, or in the case of a time sensitive Prize within its period of usability if shorter than thirty (30) business days, will be considered forfeited without notice to the Winner(s).  Regardless of the reason, all forfeited Prizes become the sole property of Boredroom, LLC and may be reallocated to another Contest and/or awarded to another Winner, or discarded in Boredroom, LLC’s sole and absolute discretion.
Prize Management
Prize Substitution and Transfer:
Boredroom, LLC retains the right to replace a Prize with another of equal or greater value. Unless mandated by law, Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash, exchanged, or transferred. Winners are strictly forbidden from selling or transferring any awarded Prize without explicit written approval from Boredroom, LLC. Instances where a Winner's attempt to sell a Prize is identified or suspected, Boredroom, LLC has discretionary authority to:
-	Disqualify the Winner, making them forfeit any Prize they might have won;
-	Withhold the Prize, even if the Winner pledges not to resell or transfer it;
-	Bar the offender from future promotional events or contests either temporarily or indefinitely. If such a barred individual wins in the future, they will be disqualified and forfeit the Prize. Boredroom, LLC also reserves the right to invalidate any Prize suspected of being sold or transferred without authorization.
Disqualification and Prize Forfeiture:
If any participant or Winner is disqualified from a promotional event or contest for any reason, Boredroom, LLC may, but isn't obliged to, inform the individual about the disqualification. An alternative participant or Winner may be selected, but this isn't mandatory. Prizes not collected within thirty (30) business days from the notification or, for time-sensitive Prizes, within the usable timeframe (if shorter than 30 business days) will be deemed forfeited. Such unclaimed Prizes revert to Boredroom, LLC's ownership. They can either be used in another promotional event, given to a different Winner, or discarded at Boredroom, LLC's discretion.
Prize Management for Boredroom, LLC Promotions
General Prize Terms:
Travel Prizes:
If a Prize involves travel or overnight stays, it is subject to availability and certain terms imposed by Boredroom, LLC, promotional partners, and/or third-party providers. This can include blackout dates, peak period restrictions, and expiry dates. Any additional requirements or restrictions, such as age or travel itinerary, will also apply. Travel companions might need to sign a release form. All international travel documents, visas, or passports must be obtained by the Winner and their companions. Winners are responsible for ground transport, personal expenses, incidental expenses, and applicable taxes or fees. A valid credit card might be required at hotel check-in for potential incidental expenses.
Celebrity Interactions:
Prizes involving interactions with celebrities are subject to the celebrity's availability. Boredroom, LLC is not responsible if a Winner cannot meet the celebrity due to reasons such as scheduling conflicts, illness, or unforeseen circumstances. No alternate Prize will be given if the celebrity doesn't appear. If Boredroom, LLC decides to reschedule or offer an alternative, it is up to the Winner's discretion to accept or decline.
Gift Certificates or Cards:
Prizes in the form of gift certificates/cards might come with additional terms such as an expiration date, location restrictions, or blackout periods. They are only redeemable at specified locations.
Cash Prizes:
Cash Prizes will be given via a company check to the verified Winner. This process might take six (6) to eight (8) weeks from the date the Winner submits the necessary documents.
Event Changes or Cancellations:
Boredroom, LLC and its partners aren't responsible for compensating Winners for events or flights that get canceled, rescheduled, or delayed. This covers circumstances like natural disasters, terrorism threats, public health emergencies, government restrictions, or any other unforeseen event. Boredroom, LLC is also not liable for any costs Winners might incur due to such changes or cancellations.
Product Selection:
For Prizes where Winners can choose specific products, the choices might be limited, certain items or brands might be excluded, and everything is subject to availability. Winners will be informed about any restrictions or limitations after being awarded the Prize.
Odds of Winning:
The odds of winning a Contest vary based on its structure. For random draws, odds relate to the number of entries. For Contests where participants are shortlisted for a final draw, the odds depend on the number of these finalists. For skill-based Contests without any element of chance, odds are not applicable. Tie-breaking procedures will be specified in the official Rules, but might also be highlighted on Boredroom Beverages’ website or other promotional materials.
Availability of Rules:
Apart from the primary Rules page, Boredroom Beverages or its promotional partners may communicate Rules through various platforms like websites, social media posts, on-site displays, or direct messages. Boredroom Beverages isn't responsible for third-party partners failing to make the Rules available. Generally, these Rules won't be broadcasted or explicitly stated unless required.
Boredroom Beverages may choose to respond or not to queries regarding Contest status or specific Contest-related questions. Responses might vary based on factors like volume or time constraints. Any communication from Boredroom Beverages' staff isn't binding and doesn't give any unfair advantage to participants. All official information about a Contest is contained within its Rules.
Data and Privacy:
Any reference to Boredroom, LLC’s privacy policy in promotional materials will relate to the policy on the official website. The company may use data collection methods like cookies for lawful purposes as outlined in the Privacy Policy. Data collected may be shared with Contest sponsors or for prize delivery. Entrants might have the option to receive communications from third parties, but this isn't mandatory for Contest participation and doesn't affect winning chances.
Ownership and Rights:
All Contest entries and related content become the property of Boredroom, LLC and won't be returned. Taking part or accepting prizes implies the participant's consent for Boredroom, LLC to interview, photograph, record, and use their name, hometown, likeness, and any statements about the Contest for promotional purposes without additional compensation. Specifically, submitted content is seen as "Work Made For Hire" under U.S. Copyright laws. If not, rights to this content are transferred to Boredroom, LLC. The company may modify the winning content and may later request rights transfers if not initially obtained.
Participation in a Contest and/or acceptance of Prize(s) constitutes agreement by Entrant and/or Winner (and by Winner’s guest(s) if applicable) to release, forever discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless Boredroom LLC, its affiliates, parents, assigns, successors, employees, participating sponsors, agents, and all others connected with them and the promotion, Contest, and/or event (the “Released Parties”) from any and all liability, claims, actions, and damages sustained or incurred by participation in the said promotion, Contest, and/or event and the receipt and use of any Prize(s) awarded (if any) through such promotion, Contest, and/or event arising in any manner whatsoever.
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Boredroom, LLC reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel, and/or terminate any Contest and/or Prize(s) without prior notice if such Contest cannot be executed and/or such Prize(s) cannot be fulfilled as advertised, either in whole or in part, due to factors beyond the Released Parties’ control. If the Contest is cancelled or terminated before the original end date, Boredroom LLC reserves the right to modify the procedure for selecting Winners.
Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the Contest shall be settled by binding arbitration, consistent with the Federal Arbitration Act and applicable statutes of limitations. The arbitration of disputes pursuant to this paragraph shall be in the Entrant’s individual capacity. DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS CONTEST IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO HAVE ANY CLAIM OR CONTROVERSY ARBITRATED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THESE OFFICIAL RULES.
Winner List(s): For a list of Winners for a particular Contest, mail a self-addressed stamped envelope to Boredroom LLC, at 724 N Poinsettia, Suite #2, Santa Ana CA 92701, and identify the name of the particular Contest for which you would like to receive a Winner’s list. All requests must be mailed and received by Boredroom LLC after the Contest is over but prior to three (3) months after the Contest has concluded.